Making A Difference Where We Live

Making A Difference Where We Live


When our hearts tell us that we want to get involved with making a difference where we live, we can find projects available.  It is a matter of our heart telling us what we feel is most important.

In an article that I wrote, dated December 26, 2016, entitled Arizona Mentoring 2017 Getting Involved, I explained the importance Mentors plays in the lives of our students and youth.  You can read the statistics discovered through and more information regarding how mentoring can make changes in students graduating from high school our communities.

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Mentoring can be done at any age.  As long as the knowledge is something that another being in your area can use, your knowledge is valuable.   Our youth have knowledge that is valuable to many of our older individuals and businesses and have grown up with the technology that many of us find very complicated.  Here are just a couple of ideas that occur to me.

Small Businesses Owners need to understand the computer and how social media and internet marketing can be used for business growth and development.  Even simply understanding the computer programs and how to use them is necessary today for the small business person.  Seniors that have not had training in computers can be taught to use the computer for their home accounting or other personal needs, such as social media interaction with their families.

Making A Difference Where We Live – What a Great Way To Create The Change We Want To See!

This page is here to give you some ideas:

Girls Who Code -Summer program for girls 13 years old and up to learn computer coding.

Woodsongs Cafe – Music curriculum designed for students interested in cultivating musical talent. –   Community training for creating computer involvement. – International Organization of Peace around the World Through Music

Fundraising on Facebook for Non-Profits — Students can set up pages through Facebook for helping local non-profits   – Mozilla Community Training Program – Free Training

Please check back as I add more  

Making A Difference Where We Live

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