Food For Thought About Our Food

Food For Thought About Our Food


When you find information that you think might be ….. “Food For Thought About Our Food”.  

What do you do about it?  Do you dismiss it all together?

food for thought about our foodDo you consider some of the information relevant?

Do you simply say…………..Oh, that’s a  “tin hat” type of thing?

                   Another Question:

Are you already an “Organic Shopper???

Do you wonder about the products you are buying and are they really organic?


Here is some information that I share with you to begin a little research about these questions.

I use the “Health Rangers” products and trust what he reports, but please take the time to discern what you think and do your own research.

The Health Ranger Video:

This information is definitely

food for thought about food that we are putting

in our bodies.


food for thought about food

Just this week I saw a video regarding GMO Potatoes on the news, again.

Why do “those that can”  feel the need to add something to our food to keep it from turning brown,

the natural process of these crops?

 It seems that man is interfering with a higher power again.   🙂

Be sure to find out more and what is being done to solve the problem.

My blog, Scarey Times – No More Zombie Food,  gives you some information about  Farm Resettlement .

You can also find a great recipe for  The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever

food for thought about our food

Food for thought About Our Foodfood for thought about our food




I recently visited the  Food Conspiracy Co-op facility in Tucson


This is a co-op of farmers and food growers in Southern Arizona and a member of

Be sure to visit their store in Tucson, AZ.  

It is a great feeling to know you are surrounded by naturally-grown food, not Franken-Food.  food for thought about our food

Thanks for reading.

Wishing you and your family many healthy meals to come.

As always, use your own discernment with all information. 



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